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Community Outreach

Community Outreach: Welcome

Oakhill Prison Humanities Project

Since 2015 I have been a proud member of the Oakhill Prison Humanities Project, working with brilliant creators currently incarcerated at the Oakhill Correctional Institution in Wisconsin.  I have co-taught a variety of Drama, Theatre, and Performance classes, a Science Fiction as Social Commentary Correspondence Course, and served as the Volunteer Coordinator from 2015-2018.

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Theatre for Young Audiences Outreach

As the Education Director for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Theatre for Youth program, I helped coordinate the educational programming and tour for At the Ark at Eight (2015) and, later as a producer, brought The Dragon (2018) to the historic Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin auditorium.

Community Outreach: About

UWC-ISAK Japan Summer School

I have had the honour of creating and facilitating the Culture, Identity, Diversity (commonly referred to as CID) course for the United World College- International School of Asia Karuizawa (UWC-ISAK) Summer School since 2017, as well as co-instructing the Theatre and Drama course in 2015.  The summer school offers a leadership-focused intensive to young people from around the world who live, work, and play together in the beautiful forest of Karuizawa, Japan for two weeks each summer.  My CID courses seek to explore humanity through systems of communication and the construction of community in order to critically analyze our positions in the world and create innovative solutions for how we can become catalysts for positive change.  Ultimately, this class seeks to explore the embodiment of the ISAK principles of mindfulness, innovation, and leadership by personifying topics of diversity and exclusion through culture, identity, and diversity in theory and in practice.

Community Outreach: About
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